St. Louis Arborist Association

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Arborist Association

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History and Overview

From inception, the St. Louis Arborist Association has been dedicated to promoting tree preservation in the St. Louis metro region. Founding fathers Ken Kirk, Ed Schrader and John Haberthier held their first organizational meeting on January 15, 1956 and elected officers on February 20th.


The St. Louis Arborists Association is an organization of professional arborists meeting monthly to exchange ideas regarding current tree and shrub management issues. The Association's purpose is to initiate and foster scientific investigation into tree and shrubs problems and to secure improved cooperation among professional arborists and related agencies via educational methods.


The mission of the Association is to improve the practice of tree preservation, to stimulate a greater interest in the planting and preservation of ornamental trees, to cooperate in the conservation of trees and in the beautification of the landscape, to initiate and foster scientific investigation into insect and disease problems of the region's trees, to disseminate information, instruction and knowledge to the public concerning tree preservation, to secure better cooperation among arborists, to adopt all standards established by the National Arborist Association and insure all members adhere to these pruning standards.

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